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GoGrass ... GoGrin!!

It may take 15 seconds to understand that the purpose of this site is to appeal for the support for well being of the cow breed in India. Here is the difference that we make.

We compliment cow ranches (गौशाला) in India by passing our donations to them rather then having our own cow ranch (गौशाला) . The cow ranch (गौशाला) owners may Connect to us if they are seeking donations to maintain their unproducitve or a dry cow breed.

In 2012, thousands of Pune citizens came on the roads to protest against privatization and mordernization of slaughter houses. Jain Social Group also joined the campaign. Soon a thought came to our mind that why would India ever need mordernization of slaughter houses if basic mentality of an Indian citizen is against slaughtering a cow breed. This thought lead us to the roots of problems in maintaining a non profitable cow breed till its natural death. A cow ranch (गौशाला) alone may not sustain the maintanance costs commensurate to the inflow of such cows. Thus the foundation of GoGrass was laid.

At GoGrass our aim is to make thousands of cow live a happy life. A glass of milk can bring smile on our face. We have a good chance to repay this smile by maintaining cow breed for 10 % of the no. of days we drank a glass of milk! Please extend your whole hearted support by donating to us. Click here to know about our interesting modes of donation.

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